2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class Review

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The 2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class cars came into existence in the year 2006 as a tuned-up variant of the Mercedes-Benz C219. Around the same time, the CLS V12 S Rocket, which was a squad car variation of the Rocket, set the world record for being the quickest vehicle possessed by a police association. The Rocket additionally set the area velocity record for a road legitimate cantina car at the Nardò race track in Southern Italy checking in a top pace of 227.2 mph (365.7 km/h). The model is thought to be among the most effective extravagance cars on the planet. The Rocket project was restored in the appearance of the new 2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The German tuners second CLS-based super cantina was showcased at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.


The lodge of the new 2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class brand comes loaded down with ergonomic shapes and a tastefully pleasurable climate. The aluminum movement oars are mated to a game guiding wheel that is further complemented by aluminum shifter, ottoman and pedals. An illuminated ROCKET 800 logo sits pretty on the stainless-steel scrape plates. The uniquely custom-made inside likewise includes a BRABUS-uncommon speedometer dial. The inside of the vehicle is trimmed in supple dim calfskin by the organizations upholstery shop. The all-calfskin lodge includes the BRABUS logo weaved on the headrests. The dark Alcantara main event utilized as a part of the inside plan is additionally appeared differently in relation to a finished polished dark piano wood trim.


The new 2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a 4-entryway extravagance cantina that was made after far reaching R&D in the wind burrow. Therefore, the vehicle was made with high-quality ultra-light carbon fiber with air motion improving segments like a brand new radiator casing and an awesome front spoiler. The extraordinarily composed spoiler supplies the front brakes, oil cooler and radiators with ideal air supply by means of side air vents and other expansive air channels. The spoiler likewise enhances drag and minimizes lift on the front pivot. The four-entryway cars downplayed appearance is upgraded by LED passage lights incorporated inside the side skirts. The lively appearance of the 2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class is adjusted by the back guard that houses the side air vents. The CLS body additionally gets a new back diffuser and an uncommonly created back wing that advances air movement optimized parity

2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class Photo Review

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Post date: May 3, 2015 | Last modified: May 3, 2015 | Category: Brabus