2014 Jaguar XFR-S Review

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A vehicle with the spirit of a Jaguar sports auto, the new 2014 Jaguar XFR-S has won honors and excited fans over the globe for its dynamic capacities and emotional appearance. Whether experienced from the driver or traveler situate, the lodge of the new puma is an inviting and trendy place in which to invest energy, utilizing top of the line materials in a contemporary way.
The new puma now fuses bi-capacity HID Xenon headlamp innovation over the model reach. These headlamps are much slimmer and more reduced while keeping up remarkable pillar determination. The lights join LED running lights organized in an unmistakable Jaguar J-Blade signature.


Here are 5 excellent reviews for new 2014 Jaguar XFR-S

This is a really world-class auto. Its lodge is good to the point that driving whatever else is generally a reversal. Its a flawlessly determined auto.

2. Autocar
Awesome ride and taking care of, enormous execution, refinement, space, looks.

3. Autos.aol
The new 2014 Jaguar XFR-S is a back wheel drive, four-entryway, extravagance sport vehicle. With its engaging outside, top class inside, and premium innovation, the new is one particular vehicle.

4. Carsdirect
The new 2014 Jaguar XFR-S is precisely what a wearing extravagance car ought to be. The new 2014 Jaguar XFR-S is smooth, tranquil, responsive and extraordinarily effective in all variations.

5. Purchaser Guide
For those needing particular style and new, mechanical highlights, this premium-medium size car ought to be close to the highest point of your shopping rundown.

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Post date: May 4, 2015 | Last modified: May 4, 2015 | Category: Jaguar