1907 Lancia Alpha 12HP Review

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1907 Lancia Alpha 12HP, an Italian automobile manufacturer, has had a long tradition of passenger, sports, fast touring and racing cars. The manufacturing company has always emphasized quality, appearance and sophisticated brands all at the expense of power as well as competitive pricing. 1907 Lancia Alpha 12HP has had several concept cars including Flaminia Loratmo, Stratos Zero, Megagamma, Sibilio, Hit, Bertone, Dialogos, Nea among other amzing cars. The company has also designed Limosine version of the cars- they made their first limosine in 1957 for the president of Italy.

When it comes to motorsport 1907 Lancia Alpha 12HP has been successful on this wing of manufacturing. It has several models formula one, rallying and even sport racing cars clients can choose from.

Lancia current or new 1907 Lancia Alpha 12HP models include:
1. Ypilson- Supermini & 5-door hatchback (available for sale in several European markets including the UK and Ireland)
2. Delta-A small family car with 5-door hatchback (Available in UK and Ireland and only sold as Chrysler Delta)
3. Thema- Executive car with 4-door saloon (Sold in the European markets, UK & Ireland markets and sold as Chrysler 300c.
4. Voyager-Large MPV & 5-door Minivan (Sold in the European and sold as Chrysler Grand Voyager)

The 1907 Lancia Alpha 12HP has received high rating from many car reviewers including television motor car shows Top Gear. From such models as Fulvia Coupe, Gamma Coupe,Montecarlo,HPE,Beta Coupe,037,Stratos, Thema8.32 to Delta intergrate Evo II the Lancia motor company has surprised many car lovers in the market. The cars are best looking and based on many other reviews its models are worth purchasing based on their high performance.

1907 Lancia Alpha 12HP Photo Review

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Post date: May 4, 2015 | Last modified: May 5, 2015 | Category: Lancia